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2018-10-24 - thingsHub 3.5

Released 24/Oct/18

  • As k8s operator, I can easily deploy a single thingsHub instance/tenant in my cluster

  • As an operator, I need instructions on how to prepare my infrastructure for running thingsHub

  • As a customer's k8s operator, I need access to a smartmakers docker registry to download the services' images from.

  • I want to show in grafana data from my Elsys device which is connected to a Kerlink LNS

  • As an NKE In'O user, I want an up-to-date and cleaned-up schema for my driver.

  • Drivers doesn't work on th opel instance

  • ThingsHub complains about missing labels relation because of db disconnect

  • As a Kerlink LNS user, I want complete, tested and documented Kerlink LNS support for uplinks and downlinks.

  • Fix Invetory API Create/Delete behaviour

  • /devices PUT returns error

  • Setting empty driver for device returns an error

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