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2018-11-07 - thingsHub 3.6

Released 07/Nov/18

  • As a k8s operator, I need a chart repository from which I can install tenant charts, so that I can easily create a tenant.

  • As a tHub User I want to create new user in the visualizers / grafana´s user management

  • As a tHub user, I want to work with a device's state via the REST API.

  • As on-premises customer, I need step-by-step instructions on how to set up Kubernetes (without GKE)

  • I want to configure the reporting interval of an NKE In'O connected to a Kerlink LNS.

  • As an on-premises customer, I need a simple tenant configuration file (values.yaml), so that I can easily set up new tenants.

  • Websocket connection is closed and read loop terminated when single read failed

  • /devices PUT doesn't handle labels properly

  • Drivers registry returns 200 OK for /encode with NKE In'O driver v1

  • As an on-premises customer, I want to be able to use thingsHub with my separately hosted InfluxDB, so that I can use my existing infrastructure.

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