Released 3/December/2020 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.1.1

  • Many minor bug fixes on the web interface

  • Tracking: receive rough GEO positions based on the gateways lat/long, so that Device Managers know where their gps devices are

  • Tracking: As an tracking user I want the Abeeway devices to fall back to network positioning if there are GPS or BLE timeouts

  • Tracking: Show Location info field from tracked Assets in the most meaningfull way

  • Device Management: As a user I want to change the OTAA/ABP parameters of my device and disconnect or reconnect my device

  • Network Connectors: Network Connector for Minol Zenner Connect LoraWAN Network (MZ-Connect)

  • Network Connectors: Network Connect for Swisscom LoraWAN Network

  • Integrations: DaVID Integration: make time range parameters mandatory for data request

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