Released 9/February/2021 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.2.5

  • Login: Make password reset work with non-authenticating SMTP servers

  • Network Connections: Add support for the TTI Enterprise network server

  • Device Management: Live updates for the device state field

  • Device Management: Introducing Custom Fields on devices

  • Device Management: Show queued downlinks on the networks tab

  • Integrations: Two-step wizard for creating integrations

  • Integrations: Introducing the File Exporter integration for generating CSV reports

  • Bug fixes:

    • Improved user alias generation

    • Fixed showing of integration status logs

    • Changed WS to WSS in websocket connection string

    • Fix entering of OTAA parameters with invalid characters

    • Fix count of assets in assets table

    • Fix endless spinner on device configuration button

    • Fix automatic zoom in/out for asset locations

    • Better distinction between “no data” and “still loading” states

    • Update device list after creating a new device

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