Released 16/April/2021 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.3.1

New Features

  • Show Dashboards in WebUi: Dashboards can be displayed to logged-in thingsHub users within the thingsHub web interface. A new wizard will help to publish existing dashboards or create new ones.

  • Bulk Add Devices: several hundred devices can be imported via a list in CSV format and thus automatically created in thingsHub.

  • Bulk Edit Devices: with a few clicks, the assigned label or network connector can be changed for hundreds of devices.

  • New Device Driver selector: The device driver that matches the firmware of the IoT sensor / tracker can be selected using a version selection or floating tag versioning.

  • Data / CSV Exporter: collected sensor data can be uploaded several times a day or monthly as a CSV file to a SFTP server.

  • Big Documentation Update: the entire documentation was extensively revised. See

  • Abeeway Asset Tracking Device Support: the Abeeway device driver does now support the BLE feature collection

  • New Network Connectors im Beta available: and Sigfox

  • Admin Login secured by IP-Whitelist: the login as tenant administrator can be restricted via an IP whitelist

Bug fixes

  • The edit device keys dialog's layout is broken

  • Setting driver on a fresh device doesn't allow clicking Save

  • Bug Fix Floating Tag Sorting

  • Update Bulk Label Dialog to new Result and cleanup

  • Form button stuck in loading trying to save user settings

  • IP whitelisting doesn't cover the auth endpoints

  • Data Exporter seem to have a problem with SSL Handshake

  • "Trying to log in with a locked account results in a cryptic, technical error message "

  • Downlinks are disappearing in device detail page + date are not correct (2020 years ago)

  • Loriot fails to handle downlinks

  • Service Key should not be displayed in a list of API keys

  • Kerlink connector panics when trying to send a downlink

  • Publish and Unpublish Dashboard issue

  • Anchor time is wrong and has changed to what I initially set

  • In case of default admin user credentials are changed, Grafana admin user credentials are not synced with those changes.

  • Sites Locator page does not show list of locators anymore

  • TTI connector crashes engine

  • After deleting a custom field definition, it's values for devices are not deleted.

  • Custom fields should not show up on a device's data table (they don't change much over time for a single device, so they just take away space there).

  • Custom fields are not added to data tables (only to the build-in measurements for drivers)

  • On the device overview page, the ""Unlabeled Devices"" does not show only unlabeled devices anymore

  • Integration can be deleted by User with Role "Data Management User" or "Integrations Viewer"

  • Users with "Data Management User" role can Create and Delete Data Tables

  • Fix / improve DATA MANAGEMENT permissions

  • The status log of the external MQTT integration AND all other integrations isn´t working anymore

  • Fix / improve DEVICE MANAGEMENT Permissions

  • Tenant configurations Password Help Text is not shown as error message to user

  • Multiple receptions considered best for TTI

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