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2021-06-09 - thingsHub 4.4

Released 02/Juni/2021 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.4.2

New Features

  • The thingsHub now supports more than 10x LoRaWAN network servers:

    •’s LoRaWAN connectivity-as-a-service offering

    • Chirpstack: the well known open source LoRaWAN network server

  • The automated Data Exporter / CSV Exporter is now more flexible than ever:

    • The data rows to be exported can be selected flexibly on a wide range of criteria.

    • The anchor time can be set to "end of the month" and other important month-aspects.

    • The data columns to be exported can be select by name and light-weight transformations can be done during exporting.

  • The NKE Modbus driver is expanded to allow Javascript-based decoding of register values:

    • The NKE modbus can be easily configured to read Input Registers and Holding Registers from any compatible Modbus device. Read all details here Tutorial: setting up your NKE Modbus LoRaWAN device

    • Small Javascript snippets can be used to turn binary register values into visualizable data series.

    • A number of helper functions for common data formats make this easy, even for non-programmers.

    • With all of this combined, it’s now possible to hook up nearly any Modbus device to the thingsHub and not just transmit the data, but also visualize and monitor it in a minimal amout of time!

  • Asset Tracking has also been improved quite a bit:

    • It is now possible to set a Site's center geo-location interactively and to define and show a Site’s geographic outline.

    • An external ID can be set on a Site which can easily be read out from tracked assets by third-party systems.

    • This release introduces Zones to the thingsHub: this makes it easier to keep track of assets than ever!

  • As Bruce Schneier says: “Security is a process, not a product”, so we’ll always keep improving this:

    • Administrator access to the system can be restricted to a whitelist of IP address ranges (CIDR).

    • All of the thingsHub’s exposed services now run in non-privileged containers.

    • End user permissions can be set on the Dashboarding module more easily now.

Bug fixes

  • Problems with copy and pasting the AppKey from a CSV delivery note file into the device creation wizard

  • Cannot set insecure-skip-tls-verify for Loriot connections in the user interface

  • It’s not possible to assign the data tables viewer role to a user in the user interface

  • Fonts are loaded from google servers, which breaks offline installations

  • In the bulk labeling modal dialog, the counter of updated devices doesn’t count correctly

  • Reconfiguring (turning on auto-activation) the network connection works, but in the frontend the button keeps spinning

  • In the devices overview table, long label names break the layout

  • The UI’s navigation and menu handle changing user permissions badly

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