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2021-07-09 - thingsHub 4.5

Released 09/July/2021 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.5.6

New Features

  • Device Management

    • The installation location of a device can be marked on a map

  • Asset Tracking

    • The entire functionality around the Locators has been revised. All Eddystone BLE beacons detected by your asset trackers are now automatically added to the list of known Locators. Therefore, the user does not have to create them manually anymore. In addition, the user is also shown BLE beacons that are already present in his buildings and may not have been installed by himself

    • The complete address to the position of an asset tracker is now retrieved via the Google Maps API and stored at the asset

    • The dialog for creating asset trackers and asset tags has been made more user-friendly

  • Improved tenant configuration & security

    • A blacklist in the configuration of a thingsHub client can be used to remove authorization roles for resources. This allows, for example, to make the page for editing the network connectors inaccessible for users with the "Tenant-Owner" permission.

    • thingsHub containers do not run with root privileges anymore in Kubernetes based enterprise deployments

Bug fixes

  • Map is not shown for tracked Assets on Apple Mobile phones and Tablets

  • The "X" close tracked assets is not working

  • Responsive design switches to mobile layout at 1300 pixels already

  • The updated_at field of the locators is updated even when the location isn't changed

  • Filtering of sites which include zones by longitude and latitude do not return all filtered zones in case if they are colliding

  • Links to documentation in integration Quick Tip info panel are outdated

  • Asset inventory is not shown correctly in the bind dialog

  • Size of dashboard iframe is not full width

  • The link on the dahboards card (on the Home page) leads to the visualizer instead of the Dashboards page

  • Dashboard page looks broken on moderately-sized screens

  • Sending downlink with tHub to results in an error message

  • New exporter shows logs from other exporters.

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