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2021-08-09 - thingsHub 4.6

Released 09/August/2021 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.6.3

New Features

  • BULK: power users can now assign the device driver to multiple devices with one click

  • DEVICE MANAGEMENT: the given device location (telemetry) is now available in MQTT, Websockets and all other integrations

  • DEVICE MANAGEMENT: "Created" and "LastUpdated" fields have been introduced for devices

  • ASSET TRACKING: all maps can now be switched between regular and satellite view

  • USER & TENANT ROLES: Individual functionalities of a thingsHub tenant can be made inaccessible to all users of this tenant. Even users with the "tenant owner" permission role. To achieve this, the thingshub cluster administrator can blacklist the corresponding permission roles in the tenant configuration. For example, cluster administrators can use this functionality to prevent tenant users from adding new network connectors or modifying an existing connection to the LoRaWAN network server in use.

Bug fixes

  • Configuring a device on Loriot takes 35 seconds. This is observed as a timeout in the frontend.

  • Send Downlink dialog says "no message text defined"

  • Eddystone location updating is not working as expected.

  • Eddystone asset tags do not get their location reset if they are not scanned by any of the scanners during the last time window

  • Asset Scanner things are labeled with "type": "Asset Scanner", but the algorithm expects "type": "trackinghub"

  • Grafana Alerts for thingsHub Cloud users won´t show rendered metric image

  • The mobile menu does not take into account user permissions

  • External Site Id won´t be shown in API for tracked asset

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