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2021-12-14 - thingsHub 4.8

Released 14/December/2021 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.8.8

New Features


Improved Asset Journey

To further improve the tabular overview in the asset journey, multiple identical asset locations are combined into just one location entry in the table. The same applies to shown location markers in the map.

Interactive Site editing

The bounding box of a site can now be set interactively on the map. To do this, click on "Edit Site Outlines" and drag the points of the generated outline to the desired locations. You can also click on the semi-transparent points to add new points.

Click on the image to the left to watch a short example video.


Grafana updated from v7.3.5 to v8.2.7

The big feature headlines around Grafana v8.x include an overhaul of the alerting system; new and improved visualizations, including state timeline, status history, and histogram panels; live streaming and library panels that can be reused.

New Editing Panel

New Geomap Panel

It has been extensively tested by the thingsHub development team that existing dashboards will continue to work flawlessly without customization. Migration from Grafana 7 to newer Grafana 8 panels (an example: old table widget to new table widget), can be done at any time via the panel editor.


In an increasingly complex and globalized logistics landscape, being able to accurately track assets as they move throughout the supply chain can be a huge advantage for businesses. As a leading provider of end-to-end managed tracking solutions, we help forward-thinking enterprises create truly connected tracking devices or solutions that utilize the latest LTE-M and NB-IoT standards in addition to LoRaWAN to provide highly-accurate geolocation capabilities in an extremely compact size. With thingsHub 4.8 the asset tracking modul support using GPS Asset Trackers from our partners Digital Matter (Yabby Edge) and NimbeLink.


  • User Management: To improve security, a standalone API endpoint for changing passwords has been implemented.

  • Device Automations: send email notifications to predefined users when problems occur with a device automation job

  • Google maps visualization: because less can often be more, advertising entries, stores and other poi information are now no longer displayed.

  • Notifications are now floating on the screen instead of in the header of a page

  • SMTP not configured warning: a highly visible notification is displayed for all users as long as no SMTP server is configured for a client

  • The Cumulocity integration does allow to set more precisely which device data is transmitted to Cumulocity

  • Two new Network Connectors: 1) Digital Matters “OEM Server” and 2) Nimbelink NLink plattform

Bug fixes

An incredible 32 bugs were corrected with this release.

  • A device's custom fields are deleted when a driver is assigned

  • Users with Device Management permissions won´t be able to open up the device detail page

  • The browser console complains that google maps is loaded twice

  • User models in the user management endpoints still have password field

  • Fix resource loading issues with i18n

  • the Orbwise/Melita sends the frequency as floating point number, but the connector only expects integers

  • Device Automations don't get executed

  • When editing an Eddystone Asset Tag remove UUID field, send an empty string to delete UID

  • Failing to delete nil geolocation

  • Device Location lat/long fields don't validate strictly enough

  • Device telemetry endpoints allows NaN values for config

  • Change arrows directions at Asset Journey

  • ID generator on UI side is not working correctly

  • Cumulocity integration creates a new device in Cumulocity for each uplink

  • Asset journey location won´t get connected by lines all the time

  • Device Automation Run Now {"code":500,"error":"pq: value too long for type character varying(63)"}

  • Security Issue: thingsHub internal IP addresses can be read out

  • Action buttons fix with type: 'object'

  • Pulling drivers crashes the local registry

  • Devices details page now requires sites, zones, and floorplan access

  • Migration the registry to 4.7.1 chokes on drivers without a valid zip file

  • For device automations, changing the configuration shouldn't be possible while the automation is running

  • Error message complaining about request syntax when unregistering devices from MZ Connect

  • Action buttons don't behave as they should anymore

  • Save button in the Edit Integration modal has the wrong naming

  • "You do not have required permissions" tooltip is shown mutiple times

  • Status Log from all integrations is not shown on the Status Log tab

  • Delete device from device detail page doesn't redirect to devices list (see the video)

  • Routing 404 error for some routes /integrations /api-keys etc

  • Selected devices row checkbox disappears when modal dialog is closed

  • When creating an Eddystone Asset Tag the UUID field validates weirdly

  • Device integrations/Edit integration modal error

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