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2022-05-10 - thingsHub 4.11

Released 10/May/2022 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.11.2

New Features



Support for configurable tracking algorithms have been added. Following parameters can be configured for the tracking algorithms:

  1. Labels for device data selection

  2. Device driver

  3. Schedule

  4. Window


Support for the following Algorithms have been added:

  1. Digitalmatter Yabby Edge Cellular

  2. Abeeway Asset Tracker


  • List and Table View: Improve list and table behavior for larger screens

  • Bulk Selection: Improve bulk selection functionalities for larger number of devices (more than 1000)

  • Cumulocity Integration: Support for adding prefix for cumulocity integration

  • Asset Status: Flip map and meta info card for better usability

  • Asset Journey: Users can select the journeys period with a time range picker

  • Device Details Page: Device details page has been updated from old-style tab bar to new, transparent tab bar

  • Labels Selection for Tracking Algorithm: Automatically remove "Asset Tracker" label from configurable tracking algorithms

  • DNS Setup: Support for setting up DNS through terraform

Bug fixes

A total of 15 bugs were corrected with this release.

  • On the melita 2 connector, when a device wasn't active yet, the downlink cannot be sent (which is ok), but the error message is not helpful

  • Fix height issue of map and meta data card from asset detail page

  • Error when creating a connection with a non-admin user

  • Creating Data Exchange gives error (Need to pass ID in it)

  • The behavior of "New Data Table" button is odd

  • FE fine-tuning of asset tracking algorithms

  • Melita 2.0 connector doesn't parse second timestamp type

  • Error when accessing a connection as tenant owner (non-admin)

  • Selecting the "Tenant Owner Role" checkbox selects too many roles

  • There's a second scroll bar on the pages with a scroll-able table

  • The toggle for locking a user from logging in is inverted

  • More UI fine-tuning for abeeway algorithms

  • Auto-reload when a server-side update leads to an unrecoverable state

  • Fix algorithm type inconsistency

  • On the Tracking Algorithm wizard's first page, I can click "Next" without actually selecting an algorithm

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