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2022-07-21 - thingsHub 4.12

Released 21/July/2022 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.12.8

New Features



The users can now use the form-based editor to easily update the configuration of the device. Each field has the help text provided in the driver schema.

Note: Power User mode allows switching to the JSON Based Editor


Values in each field is cross-validated with the known state of the device. The green tick on the right side denotes that the desired configuration for the value matches with the device’s known state.



The thingsHub app is deployed in the iOS App Store, and the users can now use the app for monitoring their IoT use cases.


  • Probabilistic Sampling support for tracing

  • Support parallel execution of Configurable Tracking Algorithms with the builtin tracking algorithms

  • Associate Asset Trackers & Tags to Tracking Algorithms

  • Associate Tracked Assets with Tracking Algorithms

  • Migrate the overview pages to scrolling tables

  • Rename built-in algorithm IDs and things types

  • Increase Time between Data-Table Ping

  • On the Tracked Assets overview, add tooltips to clustered assets

  • On the Sites details map(s), show the zone names overlayed over the zone

  • Increase item count per page on all scrollable tables

Bug fixes

A total of 24 bugs were corrected with this release.

  • The query `api/v3/devices?telemetry=true` returns null instead of the list of devices when there is malformed data

  • During bulk import, the number of successfully imported devices isn't shown if the import failed for other devices

  • Opening and closing the bind dialog replicates the metadata filter UI drop-down elements

  • Minor fixes for the form-based device configuration

  • Bulk import bad user experience

  • Remove error messages in responses from errors with code 500

  • The data/query endpoint returns 500 instead of 400 if the user-provided duration is invalid

  • Frequent error messages on device data table

  • ThingsHub does not handle errors correctly when a device cannot be created on the Loriot network server due to quota limits

  • Engine and Other Services Can't Realiably Connect to NATS After Service Restarts

  • Transmitted device messages from Swisscom LNS are lost when ThingsHub is in a problem state

  • The "Config" tab crashes for the custom Tracking Algorithms in Tracker creation process

  • Test/Troubleshoot API for Tracking Algorithms giving 500 internal server error

  • The admin console returns 404 on reload

  • The tracking service gets OOM-killed continuously

  • The Data Table overview page crashes the InfluxDB with an out-of-memory situation

  • Opening a concrete device in a new tab from the devices overview page does not work properly

  • Driver registry returns an Internal Server Error (500) when a configuration field's type does not match the schema (should return bad request (400) instead)

  • The default count of "Items per page" is 25 in the Journey tab of Tracked Asset

  • Add / remove labels will always lead to the "Warning: Your device selection will be cleared" dialog

  • The "Dashboard" page appears blank

  • Space is missing between element and bottom border in all full height pages

  • The "User Management" page is crashing

  • Incorrect font used in multiple pages

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