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2022-09-02 - thingsHub 4.13

Released 02/September/2022 - Latest Production Release thingsHub 4.13.2

New Features



With this new algorithm, the asset’s location is calculated as soon as the device associated with the asset sends the data. There is no schedule to wait for with this algorithm.


This algorithm supports data burst and handles each of them separately. This allows the assets to update historical locations.


  • Tracker & tag inventory drop-down for devices without a name

  • Improve performance of the Asset Tracking's Indoor Locators lookup

  • Search field in "Custom fields" and "Metadata filters" pages in Tenant Settings

  • Select or change ThingsHub tenant in the App

  • "Reset" location setting for a device

  • Add "Flow Charting" Plugin to thingsHub Grafana

  • Allow users to keep or clear the selected devices after a bulk activity

  • Change retention policies for things / tracked assets to 3Y

  • Telemetry data from device is now written into the receptions information

  • Show tracked assets on map in thingsHub App

  • Show details for a tracked asset in the thingsHub App

Bug fixes

A total of 29 bugs were corrected with this release.

  • HTML injection caused by the use of "innerhtml"

  • "Metadata" appears as "Meta Data"

  • The “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields are not compared when your reset password through email link

  • Wrong timestamp in Journey for Yabby Edge devices

  • Two asset tracking filter elements are too near to each other

  • Macbook - Auto.-High adjusted tables and the google map are not fitting into the available browser inner space

  • Tracked Asset journey should be shown for the same day

  • Updating a device's configuration doesn't generate downlinks

  • The configuration form isn't shown for the nke-modbus driver

  • The engine turns the driver registries "bad request" into an "internal server error"

  • The driver registry returns a 200 when the driver itself returns an error

  • Remove tooltip from the clustered journey points

  • The displayed format of Time Range selector needs to be correct

  • When binding assets, the filters are duplicated in the tracking overview

  • The "Create & Edit fileds" button should redirect user to the Custom Fields page

  • The qa tenant returns an internal server error when querying tracking-algorithms

  • Typo in network name: it should be "Chirpstack"

  • "All Devices" label is not working

  • Clustered Journey Points on map should always be displayed according to the enteries in journey table

  • Pagination is broken for /api/v3/things when filtering by typ

  • Configuration Not Shown for Tracking Algorithm

  • Asset journey text + icon alignment + user experience improvement

  • Adjust Tracked Assets page to full height with bottom margin

  • Paginated asset journey data is not showing markers on map in 10 items per page

  • Welcome Screen - UI issues of App

  • Tracked asset page is not opening even if user has "Owner" level permission for Tracking

  • Data table details page page is not opening even if user has "Owner" level permission for Data

  • The Asset Inventory table does not use the full height of the page

  • Grafana plugin page crash

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