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2023-03-31 - thingsHub 5.0

5.0.0 released: 31 May 2023

New Features:

  • A new page and UX for logout to accurately log out users from ThingsHub and Grafana.

  • Introduction of new thingshub modes: thingsHub & trackingHub

  • The new sites and zones page in trackinghub provides sites and zones analytics including geofencing, assets stock etc.

  • The assets stocks feature has been added to check the number of assets on site/zone.

  • The assets entering and leaving feature has been added to check when assets entered or left a specific site.

  • New home page for trackinghub.

  • Revamped the UX for floorplans with the ability to drag, drop and adjust the floorplan on the map.

  • The feature of White-labelling is added, which allows customers to customize the look and feel of their tenant including colours, logos, links etc.

  • Dynamic routing, different routes in different thingshub modes.

  • New look and feel of the main navigation.

  • New Field Mapping feature in tenant settings to customize device data format.


  • Abeeway Tracking Algorithms ignore tracker data before the "Bind" event.

  • Login UX improved with error messages and loading.

  • UX for live location update in tracking has been improved by updating the position in the background without affecting user view.

  • The tenant backup is configurable using Helm.

  • Device overview performance improvement.

  • The option of status and enabled start/stop is added in custom tracking algorithms.

  • The logging of data events has been enhanced for better traceability of issues.

  • The configuration of tracking algorithms is improved and simplified with defined options to select.

  • Improved backup of tenants.

  • The validations on the asset binding process have been enhanced.

  • The view scrolling has been improved on the tenant settings page.

  • The role selection is added as part of user creation.

  • The device configuration is not set to form view by default.

  • The tracked assets page has been optimized with server-side pagination.

  • Grafana has been updated to the latest version.

  • New Infinity loading in assets journey.

  • Support for the Thingfox network, adding new network connector, driver etc.

  • The map experience has been optimized throughout the application.

  • Site creation has been improved with site position and outline as part of the creation process.

  • The latest updated tracked assets are sorted on top.

  • The data tables page has been optimized with server-side pagination.

  • Labels assigned to a data table are now visible in the listing table.

  • The GPS timeout handling has been improved in Abeeway Compact Tracker Algorithm.

  • The tracked assets details view has been enhanced with effective space utilization.

  • Device information like name and last uplink received is not available in tracked assets status detail.

  • The info window is enhanced in tracked asset details to show the tracked asset information.

  • A relative time filter has been added to tracked-assets journey.

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