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2023-09-12 - thingsHub 5.1

5.1.0 released: 12. September 2023

New Features

1) Tracking automation feature to set up alert rules and get triggered alerts.

The tracking alert feature allows trackingHub users to define conditions based on assets entering and leaving sites or zones, which they want to generate an alert to be notified by email.

2) New device map page, showing all the devices with telemetry on the map.

The device map page allows users to view all devices' telemetry projected on a map

3) Device telemetry has been rebuilt with an additional option of dynamic device telemetry.

The device telemetry features have been enhanced and extended with an option to set Dynamic, where the device telemetry will be updated with location updates from the device automatically

4) “Alert” events from an asset will be shown in the asset´s journey

New events in the assets journey related to triggered alerts, these new events are ‘Information' or 'alert’ as defined in an alert rule

5) Launch of the "Track & Find" mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones

The details of the 'Track & Find' mobile app and the link to download are available on the thingshub Login page and help menu as “Track & Find tenant selection“

6) New home page for thingsHub as Self Service Platform tenants

A new home page for tenants with thingsHub mode, featuring a device map showing devices' telemetry

Usability and other smaller enhancements

  • External-site-id has been added to the assets status page.

  • Email validation has been improved in user creation.

  • The info windows in the map have been enhanced

Bug Fixes

  • Searching in site and zone analytics with pagination.

  • Device configuration in form mode was not updating correctly.

  • Tracked asset journey entries begin created for null coordinates.

  • Missing German translations.

  • Transaltion changing was not working on the login page.

  • Missing device data in some cases.

  • Multiple error messages when the user updates existing emails.

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