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2023-10-30 - thingsHub 5.2

5.2.0 released: 30. October 2023

Table of contents

New Features: 

Excel export feature is added to the tracked assets listing page

The Excel export feature allows you to download the list of filtered tracked assets list table into an Excel file.

Display asset stock in the Site Analytics map

The count of asset stock is now projected on the map.

Selecting ALL tracked assets when creating an alert rule

Creating alert rules now allows the select of the assets in the asset selection table.

The user can select individual date ranges for a tracked asset´s journey

Bind a tracked asset directly from the tracking sub-menu

There is an option under the Tracking sub-menu, clicking on which will open up the asset binding process.

Change the language preference of users in tenant settings as tenant owner

There is an option in user details to update the language preference of any user – as a tenant owner. The selected language will be set as the user logins of ThingsHub.

The additional details of the archive journey are added to the details page

An additional card showing the Archive Journey Details is added to the details page showing essential information.

Notification is sent to the user who created the Alert Rule when the Alert/Information is triggered

The generated alert's entry is added to the Journey tab of the Tracked Asset

The tracked assets journey now additionally shows the Alert and Information generated from triggered alerts.

Usability and Other Enhancements:

  • In the Site and zone analytics page, hovering on the bar showing infinite tooltips is fixed.

  • Spacing fixes in thingsHub mode.

  • Email Validation is not working properly on the user details page.

  • Tracked asset journey filter not updating for values having no position update.

  • Tracked asset journey entries begin created for null coordinates.

  • Archive Journey and site & zones page is crashed when the user selected German language.

  • The updated user’s full name and zone name are not visible on the add alert modal.

  • Duplicate error messages are shown when the user updates the name of the data table from the data table details.

  • Duplicate error messages are shown when the user updates the name of the data table from the data table details.

  • Adjusting the Height of the Info Window in the Journeys Map.

  • The UX and animation of tabs have been improved.

  • The validation on the data table name has been added.

  • Multiple error messages show when the user updates existing email from personal settings.

  • The same tracked asset is shown multiple times under the assets Involved column in the triggered alerts table and email.

  • The thingsHub is protected against clickjacking attacks

  • The auto activated devices wont be able to unregister network via bulk actions

  • The live device data update has been fixed in device data table

  • Limitation to remove the device registered to TTI network has been fixed

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