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2023-12-14 - thingsHub 5.3

5.3.0 released: 14. December 2023

Table of contents

New Features

Highlight: Users can log in to ThingsHub using a preconfigured authentication system, either Google Workspace or KeyCloak identity.

If you are a tenant operator you can refer to the following documentation to setup the authentication system and white label the button according to your requirements Read the documentation

The SSO login will be prominently placed in the login interface, ensuring easy user identification and access

A new notification style has been implemented in ThingsHub.

A reconnection interval feature has been incorporated into the Loriot network connection configuration.

There is a field “reconnect interval“ with selection values in loriot network connection configuration

The whitelabeling coverage in ThingsHub has been expanded for an enhanced user experience.

If you are a tenant operator you can refer to the following documentation for white labeling Read documentation

The enhancements are applied to tenant alias name and tenant settings subsection headlines

Facilitate the direct binding of tracked assets from the Asset Inventory page.

A bind tracker button is added in the asset inventory to directly bind a tracker from an asset

Usability and Other Enhancements:

  • The device long name overlapping with device labels is fixed

  • The Devices Map page displaying a blank screen after navigation due to updated device telemetry has been resolved.

  • Dashboard not loading issue is fixed

  • Validation on tag inventory creation and updating has been enhanced

  • To improve user experience, tooltips are now integrated into the asset inventory for users with different permissions

  • The state of configured network connection showing in other manually created network connection has been fixed

  • White labeling tenant background color effecting on integration page colored text is fixed

  • Auto activated device can’t be allowed to unregister from network is fixed

  • The missing data table listing in data exporter integration has been fixed

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