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2024-01-22 - thingsHub 5.4

5.4.0 released: 14. January 2024

New Features

The field mapping functionality has been extended to the device detail page


The device details page is enhanced with a new Tab to manage field mappings of the device

Clustered Info window is added in “Track & Find” mobile app.


The newer release on the “Track & Find“ mobile app offers clustered info windows with the details of all trackers in a cluster, the details of each cluster can be accessed by tapping on individual assets in a cluster.

Indoor Locators functionality has been upgraded with UX enhancements

  • Improved loading on the listing page.

  • All indoor locators are now visible on the indoor locator map.

  • The visibility of all indoor locators is switchable with the “Locators“ button on the map.

Users can log in to Things Hub using Ping ID as preconfigured authentication


The login functionality is extended to offer Sign in with Smartmakers PingID

A new email template theme has been set up in password reset process


A new interactive email template is added in email notification for resetting a password

The geofence alert email notification now features a new template theme, enhancing its visual and functional aspects.


A new interactive email template is added in email notifications for geofence alerts

Usability and Other Enhancements:

  • On the tracking map main page, the information window is not visible when panned, and hovering is fixed

  • Error message is missing when attempting to re-add a connection in the data exchange data table is fixed

  • The tooltip is absent when a user or guest user attempts to delete a data table is fixed

  • Clusters in the device map should display using the device marker color scheme if fixed

  • The issue with tracked assets on the site detail page displaying as dots instead of markers is fixed

  • Invalid Error message shown when unbind tracked asset is opened from triggered alert page

  • An invalid error message is displayed when attempting to unbind a tracked asset from the triggered alert page is fixed

  • Display only "data" fields in the device driver schema fields dropdown of the Field Mapping dialog is fixed

  • The data on the field mapping table is not properly aligned with the columns is fixed

  • Error message is improved when network connection is re added

  • Email validation has been enhanced on the user's personal settings page

  • The error message has been improved when asset inventory name is updated to existing name

  • The success message was missing, and the issue redirecting to the integration page has been resolved

  • The success message is now displayed and has been resolved when updating the data table

  • The issue of an invalid date format being visible on the data table detail page has been fixed

  • The error message is improved when no permission URL is accessed from user is improved

  • The error message has been enhanced when a user attempts to access a URL without the necessary permissions.

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