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2024-02-28 - thingsHub 5.5

5.5.0 released: 28. February 2024

New Features

Highlight: The Device overview page has been redesigned with improved UI


Overall UI has been redesigned and improved around bulk actions and label selection

Multiple message format are introduced for node "device data in" in Thingsflow


We can now select different message formats for device data node to have different output formats, this has enhanced the adaptability of device data in different use cases. The new message formats are "data+network," "data+network+device," and "full."

The editing of datatable type thingsflow has been enabled


We can now edit the name of thingsflow type datatable from thingsHub

The reset password has been redesigned with enhanced user experience

  • The password visibility can be now toggled with the eye icon.

  • Error message with help text is visible when password policy is not satisfied.

  • You can now specify a custom password policy help text in tenant configuration.

The field mapping feature now allows field names to include dots, underscores, and numbers.


The naming flexibility on new field name has been extended to accept dots, underscores, and numerical characters.

Usability and Other Enhancements:

  • The incorrect heading in the delete data table modal has been corrected.

  • The issue of updating a user's full name to an empty value has been resolved.

  • Typographical errors in the mismatch error policy during user password updates have been fixed.

  • Enhancements have been made to the error message display when adding an existing network connection.

  • The date format has been improved on the data table detail page.

  • Coordinated validation has been enhanced when adding an indoor locator.

  • The German translation in the tracked asset journey tab has been improved.

  • The problem of error messages visible outside the snack bar has been fixed.

  • Missing permissions tooltip has been added for guest users intending to delete or edit integration.

  • The alert notifications are fixed to support users names with umlaut characters.

  • Redundant error messages in alert rule creation are removed.

  • The missing success message when deleting a datatable and the redirection issue on the datatable page is fixed.

  • The error message for updating a tag inventory with an existing name has been improved.

  • The error message for users without feature access while navigating to the home page has been improved.

  • The whitelabeling with light theme, which affects visibility of all the dialogs header has been fixed.

  • The email validation is enhanced to accept different email format across the thingsHub.

  • Improved Login Page User Experience (UX) through enhancements to the Username label and placeholder presentation.

  • Device message format has been enriched and improved. The device message is available in integrations, datatable and Thingsflow

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