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This article explains how Tenant Owners can connect the thingsHub to the Blueup Meshcube-managed MQTT Broker as a network connector. y the Helium Blockchain, The People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.

Connecting to the Blueup Meshcube MQTT broker is as straightforward as any MQTT broker. We just need the necessary information and the credentials to connect to.


The following parameters need to be set when creating a Blueup Network Connector:




The display name of this Network Connection.

Network Connector

Choose BlueUp

Connection Method

Select mqtt as the connection method to Blueup Meshcube

Connection Retries

Set a number for how many times thingsHub will retry to connect to the Blueup Meshcube network server in case of network failure or other issues.

Host Address

The Blueup Meshcube’s MQTT broker’s host address. The format should follow this: {scheme}://hostname - for example, mqtt:// - without the port, as we will provide the port next.


The Blueup Meshcube’s MQTT broker’s port, for example, 1883


The username to authenticate to the MQTT broker of Blueup Meshcube


The password to authenticate to the MQTT broker of Blueup Meshcube


The MQTT topic from which thingsHub would expect the device uplink would come. At this moment, Blueup Meshcube publishes all the tags uplinks at "blueup/bpe/event/tagPositionChanged/#", so if you’re unsure, you can put this one.

Auto Register New Devices From Network (Server)

Set this toggle switch to false if you want to manage the device on your network server via the thingsHub. Set this to true, if there are already devices registered in this application or if you want to manage the application manually.

If this is set to true, any device that’s already registered in the application will show up in the thingsHub automatically, when it sends data for the first time since creation of the Network Connection.

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