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Error codes

The causes of errors associated with data tables in thingsHub are documented below:


This error is received if the Data Table that the user is trying to edit or delete is being used in a flow in the thingsflow editor.

Resolving this error

To resolve DATA_TABLE_BOUND_TO_NODE errors to allow for data table editing or deletion the user must take the following steps:

  • Go to the thingsflow editor

  • Identify the flow (the tab) in the thingsflow editor where the data table out is being used. This information may be obtained from the error message while the user tries to delete the data table.

  • Identify the node where the data table is being used. This is clearly visible in the UI - The node where the data table is being used will be tagged with the data table name.

  • Unbind the data table from the node by either:

    • Deleting the node

    • Selecting another data table by choosing the select data table option, and selecting another data table if available

    • Creating data table by choosing the create data table option, and assigning a new name for the newly created data table.

  • Redeploying the flow by clicking the Deploy button to save the changes.

The user will now be able to edit or delete the data table.

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