These instructions refer solely to the installation of on-premises Monolitic Deployment. Installation is not required for the SaaS offering and instructions for the Cluster Deployment can be found in the section Cluster Deplyoment. A Monolithic Deployment is a deployment of a single thingsHub tenant using docker compose. Optionally, the PostgreSQL and InfluxDB databases can be included in the docker-compose setup, for simplified administration.

Minimal system requirements

A thingsHub Monolotic Deployment requires a virtual or bare-metal host with the following minimal specification:

  • AMD64-compatible processor

  • 4 (virtual) CPUs

  • 8GB RAM

  • 1000 IOPS

  • 50GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 or 18.04

Additional requirements

In addition to the above system requirements, the following is required or recommended:

  • Docker Engine 19.04

  • Docker Compose 1.25.5

  • A Domain Name (correctly registered and pointing at the thingsHub host)

  • External access to ports 80/443 on the host

  • Outgoing access to ports 80/443 to the hosts

  • SSH-based root access to the host

  • Systemd and systemctl are recommended

  • Company logo and name

  • An SMTP server and matching credentials for sending alerting and notification emails

Step-by-step instructions

Please contact for step-by-step instruction for installing ThingsHub.