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Prerequisites for a clustered deployment

The following prerequisites are required for a clustered deployment:



Kubernetes Cluster

  • A fully working Kubernetes cluster

  • Check Compatibility with Kubernetes

  • User credentials with privileges for

    • creating namespaces

    • and full acces the the created namespaces

Ingress Controller

The Ingress Controller must have

  • a publicly reachable IP address

  • which is not blocked by a firewall on ports 80 and 443

The nginx-ingress-controller is recommended, though not strictly required.

DNS Name

The thingsHub requires for name resolution:

  • A DNS entry for the selected domain name (

  • A DNS entry for all of the domains subdomains (*

TLS Certificate

This includes

  • Valid TLS certificates for the selected domain name and and the subdomains

  • The private key for these certificates

Alternatively, TLS can be handled in a customer-provided load balancer

The following prerequisites are recommended for a clustered deployment



SMTP Server

An SMTP server and user credentials to use this server for sending alerting and notification emails

Database Servers

Depending on company policy, use of external database systems is recommended:

  • PostgreSQL 9.6

  • InfluxDB 1.8.x

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