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Upgrade 4.14 to thingsHub 5.x

thingsHub modes

With thingsHub 5, two modes of deployment were introduced:

  • thingsHub mode
    Deploying in thingshub mode does not require any external dependencies, and the dependencies do not need to be mentioned in the tenant configuration. A minimal example of the tenant configuration file for thingshub mode deployment is given in Tenant Configuration.

  • trackinghub mode
    Deploying in trackinghub mode will require several external dependencies to be set up to work with thingsHub. Please contact the sales team for further details on setting up trackinghub mode.

User Action:

  • Add the field tenant_mode in the tenant configuration file and make sure it is set to the appropriate value as shown in the example config file: Tenant configuration

Data Table Migration

The legacy data tables in thingsHub have now been deprecated, and extended data tables have been introduced.
Extended Datatables support more functionalities and allow data push to Exchange Datatables.
Corresponding migration has to be done for these data tables before upgrading to thingsHub 5.

User Action:

  • The data table migration tool for legacy data tables is available to the operator as a part of thubctl.

  • Please contact the smartmakers team for detailed instructions on how to migrate the data tables.

Configure HA NATS

ThingsHub 5 uses HA NATS, which may be internal NATS or External NATS.

Internal NATS is deprecated due to Architectural constraints and we plan to remove this support completely in the future. The preferred way of using NATS in thingsHub is external NATS

User Action

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