thingshub simplifies the work with IoT devices and allows anyone without special knowledge to use this technology to their advantage. In just a few minutes, new devices can be put into operation, their data visualized and analyzed. The following guidelines are intended to support you in this:

1) Login to the web user interface

Open up your thingsHub with a browser like Google Chrome oder Firefox and enter your user credentials in the login form shown. Depending on your user rights the system will show you one or several overview panels. Use the navigation or click on a panel to navigate to the page of your interest:

thingsHub 4 Login Form

thingsHub 4 Startpage

thingsHub 4 Device Management

2) Add your device

With the "Device Wizard" new devices can be registered easily and conveniently via a step-by-step dialog. This has the following advantages:

  • Even Persons without expert knowledge on LoRaWAN or IoT can roll out new devices easily and guided.

  • The wizard guides you through all required steps to configure a device in all it´s aspects.

  • The system provides quick feedback if missconfiguration happens.

Click on "Add Device" which will guide you through to the following steps:

3) Create a dashboard

On the so called thingsHub splash screen click on the app alike button "Visualizer" or click on "Visualizer" in the main menu of the web user interface.

Now follow the following sequence to create your first dashboard:

4) Setup alerts and notifications

The following screenshot sequence explains how to create an alert for your IoT sensor´s:


5) Share your dashbord with customers and colleagues

The following screenshot sequence explains how to share your dashboards with customers and your colleaguesan: