The Small Private Network is a LoRa network server that runs on a master gateway and allows connecting other gateways to it as slaves. SPN is developed by the French company Kerlink.

Connection Configuration

nameThe Connector's display name. 
typeThe string kerlink.
auto_activateTrue for auto activation, false otherwise.
config.serverThe SPN's URL (including schema).
config.master_gateway_idThe master gateway's ID (identical to the gateway's EUI)..
config.loginThe username of the user as whom the thingsHub will use to manage the SPN.
config.passwordThe password of the user as whom the thingsHub will use to manage the SPN.

Kerlink connector example

  "config": {
    "server": ""
    "master_gateway_id": "7276FF0000000000",
    "login": "username",
    "password": "password",
  "name": "example",
  "type": "spn",
  "auto_activate": true

Setting up a Connection to a Small Private Network

This setup guide assumes that the following preconditions are satisfied:

  • A Small Private Network server is running,
  • login credentials (login name and a matching password) for logging into to the SPN are known (as they are used to login on the SPN's admin console),
  • the SPN server is directly accessible to the thingsHub (not in a private network),
  • and the master gateway ID is known (can be retrieved from the SPN's admin console Overview page).

In the thingsHub admin console, go to System Configuration, select Connections, and click on Connecto IoT Network. Then enter the required information:

After the Connection has been created, go to the device details page and note down rx_host, rx_path, and rx_port. 

To establish the data connection from the SPN to the thingsHub, go to the SPN admin console, select Interfaces and then Remote HTTP REST.

Enter rx_host, rx_port and rx_path into the form fields. and click Save Configuration.