The MQTT Integration allows publishing state updates via the built-in MQTT broker.

The thingsHub's built-in MQTT broker, how to connect to it and how to subscribe to topics, is described in the section The Built-in MQTT Broker of this documentation.

Integration Configuration

nameThe Integration's display name. 
typeThe string MQTT
descriptionA textual description of this Integration.
selectorSee section Labels and Selectors.


  "name": "Room Sensors via MQTT",
  "type": "MQTT"
  "description": "Sends room sensor data to an MQTT topic on the built-in MQTT broker.",
  "selector": {
    "$or": [

Subscribing for Data

Once an MQTT integration has been created, the required credentials for receiving data will be returned in the resulting object, including the Websocket URL to connect to and the topic where uplinks will be published. Note that uplinks will be sent in the Native Output Format for state updates.