A MySQL Integration allows you to send data to a MySQL database.

Integration Configuration

nameThe Integration's display name. 
typeThe string MySQL.
descriptionA textual description of this Integration.

See section Labels and Selectors.


MySQL host (required)

params.portMySQL port. (optional, default: 3306)
params.usernameMySQL user (required)
The user requires the following grants on the database below:
params.passwordMySQL password (required)
params.databaseMySQL database (required)
params.table_prefixThis prefix will be used in table names required to store data. (optional, only alphabetical characters are allowed)


  "type": "MySQL",
  "name": "MySQL Integration",
  "params": {
    "host "mysql.example.com",
	"port": "3306",
	"username": "thingshub",
	"password": "secret-password",
	"database": "thingshub",
	"table_prefix": "th"
  "selector": {
    "$or": [

Data format

Device Mapping

This table will hold information of the device sending uplinks to this integration. The table name is device_mapping, but in case the table_prefix config is used then the table name is prefixed with table_prefix. eg: th_device_mapping.


Database auto incremented id (integer)

device_idThings hub device id (string)
driverDriver of the device (string)
data_tableName of the table where the data from device is stored at the time of this uplink.
updated_atWhen this row has been last updated (datetime)
created_atWhen this row has been inserted. (datetime)

Device Data

The table that will hold the current data of the devices mapped in device_mapping table. This table name is determined base on the driver a device has at the time of uplink. Based on that driver the device_mapping.data_table field contains the name of this table with the table_prefix in case this exists. Eg.

  • smartmakers_nke_ino_1_1_0 - this is a table name where the prefix is not set and the device uses the smartmakers/nke-ino:1.1.0 driver
  • th_smartmakers_nke_s0_2_0 - this is a table name where table prefix is used and the driver is smartmakers/nke-s0:2.0

Database auto incremented id (integer)

device_mapping_idRelational id of the device_mapping table. (integer)
Variable columnsThe rest of the table will contain columns based on the data returned from the device driver.