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Clustered deployment

System on premise installation

Please request the installation guide from your account person at SmartMakers.


ThingsHub's tenants provide strongly-separated space in which distinct customers can use the same system without interfering with each other.


ThingsHub's approach to multi-tenancy is called multi-single-tenancy. This approach stores data from different tenants in separate databases and runs separate tenants in separate services. This strict separation ensuring there is no undesired "crosstalk" between unrelated tenants. Multi-single-tenancy is made possible by building the system on top of the Kubernetes container orchestration platform.


Tenants are strongly based on the Kubernetes package manager helm. Therefore  is strongly recommended reading before diving deeper into thingsHub's tenant management.

Working with Tenants

See one of the following pages for more information on how to work with tenants, e.g. how to create or configure them.


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