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This article describes how to integrate the thingsHub with a Cumulocity IoT platform. With this integration, thingsHub can act as a Cumulocity agent, enabling you to synchronize devices and send device data.

Using the New Integration wizard to set up a Cumolocity IoT platform integration

Step 1) Go to Data > Integrations and select the New Integration button.

Step 2) In the Select Integration Type step of the Add Integration wizard, enter the configuration information as described in the below parameters table. Then press the Next button to continue to the next step, Configure selected Integration.




Enter a name for the integration.


Optional field used to describe the integration.

Data Selection Label

Select labels that are assigned to the devices from which you would like acquire data. For more information on device labels, see Using labels to group and sort devices.

Integration type

Select Cumulocity

Step 3) In the Configure selected Integration step, enter the configuration information as described in the below parameters table. Then press the Create button to complete the process and return to the Integrations page.




Address of the Cumulocity instance.

Note: This parameter value should contain the protocol scheme (http:// or https://) `prefix`

User Name

Cumulocity user name


Cumulocity password

Discovering data in Cumulocity

This section describes how to view the integration data in the Cumulocity UI.


  • When an integration is successfully created and running, all boolean values from message will be published as Events.

To observe events in the Cumulocity instance UI

  • Go to Devices > All devices > (select device) > Events

Understanding event objects

Example of an expanded event:

Every event from thingshub contains the following data fields:

  • header: consists of value path and value reported ("binary_input/0/present_value/value reported true" in example above)

  • device: device reported event ("sm-nke-s0")

  • time: datetime event was sent by thingshub ("Time 15 Jan 2019 13:56:06")

  • server time: datetime event was created in Cumulocity ("Server creation time 15 Jan 2019 13:56:09")

  • type : indicates type of event. For events from thingshub it's always "Type thingshub_Event"

  • properties :  full message event was generated from ("Properties {"RawPayload":"110a000f00551001","binary_input":{"0":{"present_value":{"value":true}}}}")

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