This article provides an overview of thingsHub device monitoring and management.

It also lists the most common tasks that Device Management Users and Device Management Owners will need to perform in order to manage, monitor, and configure IoT devices.

What is a device?

A thingsHub device is a virtual representation of a physical IoT device, such as a room sensor, asset tracker, or retrofit adapter. Physical IoT devices transmit measured data, such as room temperature, and device conditions, such as the battery level, to the thingsHub via an IoT network connection. The thingsHub can then be used to store, organize, monitor, analyze, and export this data. It can also be used to remotely configure many of these devices.

Working with devices

Key features of the thingsHub device user interface

There are two primary pages used to monitor and manage devices: Devices Overview and Device Details.

Devices Overview page

In the Devices Overview page, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View list of all devices

  • Search for a single device

  • Sort devices by labels

  • Add and manage device labels

  • Access tools to add or delete devices

  • Access device detailed information

  • View basic device information, including:

    • Device driver

    • Last received communication uplink

    • Device ID

    • Registered network connection

    • Assigned labels

Devices Overview page

Accessing the Devices Overview page

  • From the Menu bar, go to Devices > Overview. Alternatively, from the homepage, select Device Management.

Device Details page

In the Device Details page, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View measured values device conditions in the Data tab.

  • View & change a device’s configuration in the Configuration tab.

  • View communication details in the Network tab.

  • View definitions of measured values in the data schema section of the device driver details page.

  • Change device name, device driver, labels, and input values in custom fields.

Devices Detail page

Accessing the Devices Details page

  • From the Devices Overview page, select a device’s name or edit button to open its Device Details page.

Devices Overview page

Adding, editing, & deleting devices

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Remotely configuring devices

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